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Elders of Madness - (English)

Elders of Madness is the result of seven months of hard work in which, the development team, composed of 120 guys from high school and supported by great professionals of the sector, indies, famous youtubers, musicians and bloggers from the specialized press, has managed to develop a beautiful and exciting game. The goal was that students would be motivated and interested in the world of creation, graphic design, music creation and programming while put into practice all the theoretical contents they have been studying during the course in many subjects.


You can download Elders of Madness by clicking on the download botton:

Current version: 1.03
Downloads: 5500

Note: If you download or play and want to share your opinion, scores, comments of the game or your videos, you can make it by Twitter, hashtag #eldersofmadness


Arrow Keys: Move / Cursor in menus.
Z: Shoot / Action in menus.

Minimum System Requirements

Game trailer


Having virtually abandoned all hope, in the search of light, preserving sanity becomes every day increasingly difficult, because at the moment, hanging over me insane and ephemeral darkness. The primal gods want to destroy us, they, as eternal monsters have waited eons until deciding, finally, to fill our world with terror. I confess that It is increasingly milder the breath of my sanity.

The relationship between evil and good makes no sense now, they are above these concepts. They are here to rule the cosmos with the help of their acolytes… Dark loneliness is imminent and it all goes away. The energy disappears, props fade… Sanity is the only thing that can hold on our hope.

The only way to escape the terror, madness and death is to fight them. Fortunately, I have discovered that overcoming the trials that make us and getting the pearls that sponges loose retrieve a minimum of our mental health and cast us a slight light in this sea of dementia, allowing us to be sane enough to keep fighting and maybe, just maybe, there would be a possibility of getting hold our world as we have known until this moment…

That is not dead which can eternal lie and with strange eons even death may die. (H.P. Lovecraft)


Elders of Madness is a free game distributed with the license Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, that means you can use, distribute, share it as long as you cite both this blog and Colegio San Juan Bosco, not get an economic benefit and share with Creative Commons licensed supported.

Whenever these three assumptions are met, users can use, copy, share, distribute, store and, of course, play free.


Come to school during these months has been something truly exciting, every day woke up with the idea of trying this or that graphic, implement new dynamics or design new challenges for the player. We enjoyed a lot while we built the entire game, a game we’ve seen grow slowly, from his early and doubtful pixels up to what it is today.

It has been a hard task, especially at first because we had to learn to draw with pixel art technique, which is not simple at all. But day by day, little by little, with determination, without losing patience we have learned to do more than worthy graphics and we’re very, very proud of them. It is astonishing the comparison of our first creations with what we have done in recent weeks. There is an amazing evolution!!

We have seen how mathematics, geometry and algebra are important to make a video game. Never imagined we would love it that much to be all wrapped in the same and huge project. And best of all, we have managed to have something very special, something that will stay forever, this is not an exercise in a page of a notebook, a technical drawing sheet or an essay, it is something that people can enjoy worldwide, a videogame that has been really hard to do but which has made us very. When someone in Australia, USA, Japan, England or Russia play our game and put a video on YouTube or a message on Twitter commenting it, will be fantastic because we will know we have done a good job.

Subjects involved in the project

Programs and Services 2.0 used

Post of the project (in Spanish)


This project could not have come to light without the support, love and the incredible aid of many people who have seen that it is possible to make quality and contextualized education, which can be experienced with the practical application of theory. To all of them, thousands of thanks!

Some data

Interview - IGN Channel (in Spanish)

Talk about us (in Spanish, most of them)

Vídeos WIP (Work In Progress)

Development team comments

Álvaro Calleja

Historically, my dream has been to be a developer of video games and, until now, thought should be self-taught to consider the possibility of ensure my future. All this changed when I heard of the new school project: creating a game from scratch. I was in front of a great opportunity. An opportunity that literally would mark my future. I already knew this is what I wanted to devote my self, but it has been incredibly grateful, a development from the very beginning to the very end. Not everyone has the opportunity to fulfill his dreams, but this has made me be one step closer to mine. Thank You!

Hugo Rollán

This Project has been both interesting and fun. It will be a luxury to enjoy this game we have worked this hard to make, moreover, we have been helped by musicians, designers and famous people. There is no doubt that we have vigorously pursued it and with the help of our teacher, don Miguel Ángel that motivated us so much to undertake this work, we have managed to conclude a project that at the beginning of the course seemed almost impossible to finish.

Paula Barragán

For me, it has been a completely new experience, I never thought that I could like it that much. I had my doubts at the beginning because I could not think that the final result would be like that. Undoubtedly, this has been possible thanks to the effort and dedication, both ourselves and our teacher.

Carlos Castillejo

This has meant for me a good and beautiful experience. The best I get from this activity is teamwork, because we all worked together, side by side. Definitely, don Miguel Ángel has brought out the best of us and I hope people enjoy our game appreciate our hard work.

Daniel Arizaleta

At first, it was all difficult, we got frustrated with the graphics but as we worked with them, we saw the opportunity to get to the end. I hope everyone enjoys the game and appreciate our hard work which has made this game.

José Ignacio Guzmán

Participate in this game has been a big surprise because never guess that a school could do something like this. Just taking part was cool but when they selected my design it became just astonishing.

Ester Mitjavila

The realization of this game has been a great adventure in which I learned a lot and also I really enjoyed it, despite the hard work it has meant. We worked as a team and we have joined more to share the excitement and hope to bring this project to fruition.

Cristina Navarro

One idea. A project. THE project. OUR project. In our heads, at first, the powder, which would soon arise life. Like a phoenix from the ashes students planted last year, soon, the project would come to life, space, sense illusion. The illusion, what a funny feeling right? Many say, few have. But we had. We have it. The illusion, which led us to continue with determination, day after day, with effort, with that stubbornness that we have teenagers, drawing squares, looking for a bit of inspiration to create something worthwhile. This we had to do, what I said earlier, to create something from a few squares, has opened our mind, it has made us remember, yes, remember… Let us remember those stories they told us when we were only kids with dragons, mermaids and monsters, those stories where the good ones won and the bad ones died. Those stories so different from reality nevertheless they shaped our mind. We had to remember, to forget the Matrix that our daily life is and dive into our children’s dreams to resurrect monsters living under our beds, or inside the cabinets.

Elena Castejón

When we started this project I did not think it had the work and effort behind it was. We would not have done the video game without the help of everybody. I had never imagined that behind such a project would be so much effort and dedication, because it is very easy to get to play in front of the computer, but I think we do not appreciate all the work behind the screen.

Juan Francisco Cano

It was a totally new experience for me. I would never have imagined it, I know something I will remember all life and this is thanks to all the effort and hours working on the game. It is a satisfaction that the game has finished this well. It has been a project that has helped us in order to work together and in large part, it was thanks to the dedication of our teacher.

María Romero

The creation of this game has been a new experience for all. Thinking that, thanks to the small contribution of each of us, this has been possible is incredible. Who knew that we could, with our dedication and teamwork to create a video game. In the end everything has its reward: creating a video game, and above all, be proud and pleased to have been involved in this very special project that would not have been possible without the help of colleagues and above all, our teacher.

Sara Alonso

I never thought I could get to participate in a project like this. It has been a fascinating and unforgettable experience, we did not think we could get all this by ourselves but it has been thanks to our effort and dedication, furthermore we have worked so well as a team.

Lucas Díaz

It was a great experience, because this project is unique, I do not know anyone in their school has made a game with his classmates but us. See how our work and ideas have been transformed into details of the game, so we can move forward in its creation has been very exciting, so I feel much identified with it. A great demonstration of teamwork and coordination, excellent.