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Run&Plunder - English

We are excited to release the game, based on Treasure Island by Robert L. Stevenson, in which we have been working over the past year and a half.


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Current version: 1.0
Twitter hashtag: #runandplunder


This is not a game to play against the IA, it doesn’t have a multiplayer mode. You have to meet your friends to have some drinks, eat something while you are fighting on board Hispaniola, in the Caribbean Sea in order to get Flint’s Treasure.

Run&Plunder trailer


Idea and development

Run&Plunder is a free game based in those big classic games in which the players were fighting in the virtual world and also in the physical, fighting with elbows, bothering other to make a mistake that can take advantage to win.

This is a very competitive game. Two fearsome pirates are struggling to get all the gold that can scavenge as fast as possible, trying to leave the other behind or making fall him into the water to be eaten by sharks. Pirates can get bullets every time you kill an enemy or they make fall the other pirate or whenever you leave him behind (with a distance of a screen between the two of them). When they are coming to the bow of the boat, in the final stage of the race, you will fight with guns for the treasure. The matches will be best of three (BO3). In addition to guns, which will get at the end of each stage, players will have several random power ups that will enhance your skills: jump higher, faster, a ripper…

The team has been working on the game for a year and a half very hard to get the best possible result. Each in its area, has done his best to succeed in creating a fun, exciting game, to do honor to Stevenson’s masterpiece and fulfill the expectations placed on it.

Posts of the project (in Spanish)

Dev team

Run&Plunder would not exist without the incredible and unconditional contribution of each and every one of the members of a fabulous team. They have done this game:

Quim Sabaté - Coder

Treasure Island is one of the most universal adventure novels and has always drawn a mysterious attraction on all who have ever read. With this premise can assume that it was not hard to convince Miguel Ángel to enter the development team. Long hours stolen from sleep, devoted to get the two pirates could run and jump all over the ship, become joy when you know it was worth it and people have a terrific time driving those fearsome pirates. A tip, prepare a bag of Cheetos Giant game joysticks and parts.

jojo073 - Graphics

It has been a pleasure to collaborate on this project. I thought, from the first moment, an interesting and original project.

PixelArtM - Graphics

When Miguel asked me for help on Twitter for developing a game that he was doing I couldn’t say no. Who doesn’t want to make a game of pirates retro style? It has been a pleasure working with them and learning how to make a game between several people through the network.

José Ramón ‘Bibiki’ García - Sound and music
(Music student)

One day I found on Twitter to a group of developers wanting to develop a local multiplayer game of the past, of those that make you drink a beer after another to be the winner of a competition that only happens between good friends. I then delve into his adventure to put music to this great experience. The task was not easy, but fun: how can you convey a sense of competitiveness and turn good vibes while you’re taking you on a pirate adventure? Anyway, we can make a toast with rum!

Javier Fopiani

Miguel Ángel García Guerra - Coder and project director
(Literature Teacher)

Since I have read it, Treasure Island think it is, has been, and remains, the perfect example of what should be a great adventure story. I’ve always been fascinated by this novel. I even want to be part of it!! I dind’t want to be just a simple reader. Therefore, I have been to the Caribbean islands visited, at the time, by pirates. I have collected all about the. And now, I have devoted almost two years of my life doing a digital recreation of any the passages that I liked. To carry out this idea I’ve been having a sensational, enthusiastic, tireless and very serious team.

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Vídeos WIP (Work in Progress)