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Monsters are back!! - (English)

This is our first title, the result of seven months of work, the first product that leaves our studio with enough quality to be featured as a real game. We are very proud and we hope you enjoy it.

Monsters are back! is a platform game, with it, we want to pay tribute to all those games of the nineties whose great virtue was the gameplay. The latest video games to turn of the century, had two-dimensional graphics and required that the player had to be very focused, because, in them, given the great difficulty, it was difficult to survive. The desire to excel, originality and a job well done were characteristics that defined a generation of video games that marked an era. Such was, that many of the characters that starred have become recognizable icons by almost much of the population, be fond of enjoying video games or not.

The idea of ​​creating a video game emerged after we watch in class the interview that we did to David Colmenero of the official game of the movie Justin and the sword of the value, published in 2013 for a mythical platform (Spectrum) and wonderful games made by Locomalito. My students suggested what seemed crazy, a dream, an idea that filled us with enthusiasm from the outset.

Teacher, why don´t we do a game that would be nice, funny and we can be proud of?

Said and done. We were excited with the project and we set to work and, after seven months of hard work, we can show it.

Teacher, and people can play anywhere in the world, right?

Indeed. That was the idea, and we can finally present our creation hoping you like it and you find it funny.

Download game

You can download Monsters are back! by clicking here.

Current version: 1.1
Downloads: +7500

Note: If you download or play and want to share your opinion, your ratings, your analysis of the game and your videos, you can do it, if you use Twitter, using the hashtag #MonstersAreBack


Minimum requirements

People who talks about us


Hello friend and wellcome to The Bournemouth Castle, you should know that you are here because we need you to help us with a difficult mission.

Since we arrived at this enchanted castle, our life has been quiet and peaceful but it was such a long time ago because now we hate this place and people is going away. This is because we have heard awful strange sounds and we are really scared. In this exceptional mission you are going to help us, as our staff detective to find the cause of all this noise.

You come from a faraway place, where monsters and horror are part of everyday life and you know very well how to dodge them. Some say that there are strange creatures in the castle and their feeding is of human vitality. You must be very careful to beat all opponents in order to get it.

We hope you to have good luck and enjoy this great adventure.


Posts of the project on the blog

Videos WIP (Work in progress)

These are the videos that were published to show how the project progressed. Now, they are interesting as a testimony of our work.

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Comments of the Developer Team

Alejandro F.

Was an incredible new experience. Nobody thought that something so small could get something so big. It is a clear example of teamwork. (Alejandro F.)

Inmaculada A.

It has made me very excited to participate in the project. It has been a different and fun activity. We have all worked hard and the end result was worth it (Inmaculada A.)

Noelia C.

Participating in this project has made me wonder whether I could devote to the design of future video games.

Sandra P.

It was an amazing experience! After working hard for several months we have achieved something amazing: a video game.

Aroa G.

This project has been innovative and spectacular. In my life I had done so and has been amazing to see how it has evolved.

Ana G.

We worked on a project unlike anything we were used to before. Each has contributed making settings, characters, animations … And watch everything working together on screen has been really fun.

Raúl C.

I do love this game. I’ve always wanted to do something like this and when I was presented the opportunity I took advantage.

Cristina S.

It´s very exciting to know that many people will play our game.

Irene N.

This project has been a great experience. We have worked six high school courses together as a team and we have learned from the most basic to the most technical. Hope you like it a lot.

Asier G.

Make this game has meant having to work hard but the result is worth it.

Fernando P.

The thrill of doing something that is being enjoyed by many people is indescribable.

Óscar C.

I really liked the experience because it is what I want to devote in the future.

[Translated by Óscar A. - 1st Bachillerato]